C-TECHNIK Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH

C-TECHNIK - a powerful team

Equal to each new task, whenever quality is required.

Ever since Helmut Cremers and Holger Krebs founded the company C-TECHNIK in 1996, its range of activities has constantly expanded. The manufacture of individual components for the steel industry and the construction of complete machines to customer drawings formed the core business. With growing experience, our range of activities and services has become more comprehensive and also, in particular, more complex. We have started to manufacture and deliver individual assemblies, including pre-mounting and installation.

Since 2004, C-TECHNIK GmbH has had its own design department and has been able to offer complete full-service solutions, from engineering to commissioning, for machines and assemblies. Naturally, C-TECHNIK is certified to DIN ISO 9001. Started from October 01st 2014, we are operating with our subdivisions sales department, order procurement, engineering and administration under one roof and by this we are able to reduce our cycle times for orders even more.

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